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  1. sorted

    Well thats cleared that up then. Good work.

  2. emzo fury

    So I’m guessing that Synthacaine was bought from chems2u? They are the BIGGEST cons in the world, all their products are mephedrone cut up with crap. LOL

  3. Jeremy

    I don’t feel conned- I bought from FutureLabs and its as good – if not better than the real thing. I think it could be camfetamine or MPA, but there is so much euphoria, it could be 4MEC if not mephedrone.

  4. Jim Logan

    Beware the scammers at discofood.com – they sell complete crap – none of their stuff is what they say it is.

    Remember the name discofood.com SCAMMERS!

  5. jimbo

    Im on this Synthacaine tonight….had a gram of coke last night….ok so the Synthacaine is cheaper…but way weaker no that good tbh

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