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  1. HonestPerson

    The supplier “get-rc.to” is unreliable!
    I’ve had repeated problems with “get-rc.to” not doing as they promised. Customer support responses come from “Robert Schaffhauser” but it appears several non-English speakers respond from this email. The responses use only basic English and do not always correspond to my inquiry.
    For example, Robert Schaffhauser agrees to send order as requested and then, colleagues at manufacturer in China do not respect such agreements. Instead, they process the order several days later than agreed and with different shipping terms than I paid for (paid 30 Euros for express shipping and my package was sent economy instead).
    Because of repeated problems across 5 different orders, over last 5 months, I am now convinced that “get-rc.to’ is a scam – or at least they do not care to keep their commitments!

  2. Cliff Ramsey

    Do not order from get-rc.to ever! They are rubbish and often don’t deliver. Lost 200 Euros.

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