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  1. Sarah Richards

    I have used this company for a lot longer than any others and this is simply because they follow the simple rules of business.
    1. They sell quality products.
    2. Their prices are fare.
    3. There are no ‘ added extras such as postage charged per item.
    4. Courtesy and polite staff only there to quickly and easily dispatch your order.
    5. Ease of purchase. Everything is easy to understand on the website so ordering is a quick process.

    I recommend this company most highly.
    Personally I am a severe unstable regularly fitting epileptic. I’ve found these products help me more than any n.h.s meds I’ve been given in 32yrs. As I live in Wales prescriptions are free so my regular orders are diminishing and therefore saving the resources.
    Thank you party pirates/UK highs.

    1. Sarah Richards

      Try the layer cake…yum! Chocolate scented so it saves you eating the chocolate because the smell is enough lol

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