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  1. woodpecker

    As I said before , these fake weed or hasj products sucks big time. Smoke the real and natural stuff, not something that is manufactured by some dodgy salesman.
    When will you learn *sigh*. I guess idiots don’t.

  2. The Trip Report

    We agree woodpecker – the best feeling, smelling, tasting & safest is always hands down the real deal.

    Shame no government has the balls to raise the issue of cannabis legalization!!

  3. Sunnyhaze

    I bought this product from my local headshop yesterday as I was just a few quid short for the herbal incense (which is ducking mind-blowing) and I have to say I got little or no buzz from it. It looked and felt nothing like squidgy black (more like a blackjack chew) and it just gave me a mild headache and my eyes felt like I’d just woken up the morning after a massive sesh. I was extremely disappointed, as illegal alternatives don’t really hit the spot any more (extremely high tolerance) and I basically spent the last of my money on a dirty piece of blu tack. Never again.

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