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  1. Chris

    Who is your jwh-210 supplier? I will pay anybody for a legit supplier once i receive my product.

  2. Jay

    I have tried 073, 210, 250, 018 in the wh series.

    Barring a jwh-018 overdose, jwh-210 is probably the least pleasant of all four of the jwh chemicals i’ve tried. which isn’t to say the effects are not pleasant, just not as pleasant.

    The real clincher with jwh-210 for me, the reason i continued to buy it instead of subjectively “more pleasant” cannabinoids, was the long duration 210 provided. A gram of jwh-210 i could stretch 1.5 times as long as a gram of jwh-018, 2 times as long as jwh-073, and nearly 3 times as long as a gram of jwh-250.

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