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  1. Dom Pedro del Torro

    Fair reveiw but I think whoever makes this stuff has changed the ingredients since then. I first tried this stuff in late 2012 and it blew my mind, a truely awesome RC. Then my local headshop stopped selling it after they ran out. It came back in stock a few months later, identcle packaging and all, but definitely not the same stuff; it made my nose burn painfully whereas it hadn’t before, and it no longer had the numbing effect from the drip at the back of your throat, and while it made me feel a bit agitated the euphoric feeling wasn’t there. This was confirmed when I picked up a 0.5g packet the other week and it had virtually no effect (except for making my nose hurt like a bitch!).

  2. Stan

    Just had a gram of this stuff between a friend and I. As far as all the legal highs go it’s one I would consider getting again. It was my first time in years touching the legal high..I got curious, and broke lol but it was surprisingly very good. 20mg of Valium and some haze and I was asleep at a nice respectable hour for work next day as well. I found the buzz very similar to coca but it actually lasted longer. This might become a once a month thing for me.

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