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  1. Zdenek

    After a LOT of complaining on forums and bad reviews all over the internet( started complaining after 7 weeks of ignorance), Ive got my refund. Alsio promised some free samples, which I havent received yet). Bad experience overall, but I will give them another shot and will see what happens.

  2. thetructhchemical

    buyanycchem,the first time you buy everything is ok,the second time send not all have you buy and steal your money,scam site.

  3. speedy21

    HY, I AM FRENCH …………Pauvre vendeur !!!
    Plusieurs commandes ok, no problem, je recommande.
    Le hic c’est que la derniere, et bien je l’ai dans le cul…… (pour les frenchies 🙂
    Pleins de mails envoyé, pas de réponse, mais ma CB “elle” elle à pris cher….

    all order whitout problem (EPH, 3MMC) good seler !!

    But the last : “Order 6379” ship in 12/01/2015 and never receive anythink.

    i try to contact the sender, but no reply… insit… resend mail …. no reply …… they take my money but “F…” me ….

    don’t buy in this shop !!!

    ps : désolé mais je suis vénère de me faire prendre pour un con comme çà…
    ps english : sorry but this is the first time when a shop F… me…

  4. 26

    they didn’t my all orders. just sent it one of them but i bought 5 products.

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