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  1. Anonymous

    Slypants are definitely a scam. AVOID!!!!!!

  2. amybrown

    LIZ CHEM also a scam do not do business with LISA MESLEY of LIZ CHEM they want minimum 300 bucks then they send a fake email from Fed Ex saying you need a license for them to mail, or send 230 more dollars which they will refund upon delivery. Ha! The worst thing about them is that they are very attentive to your needs until you pay then they disappear. i was freaking out and they were so reassuring.

    i was so bamboozled (and of course they are taking advantage of people with addictiion problems) that even after securing a refund from Western Union, when they texted me the next day i believed them and sent the money AGAIN. T
    These people have no souls, and yes i was stupid, but i’m pretty sure if i were the only one theywouldn’t be out there.

  3. Dave K

    Avoid scammer using mobile numbers 07477521119 & 07473022379 based in Oldham

    Will send you tracking numbers and photos but ships SALT!! and then doesn’t reply to calls or text messages.

  4. gigi

    sorry my english translated with google
    I wanted to ask a question
    such as names of chemical products
    similar to snorting cocaine
    many products that I do not know
    thank you

  5. Bob

    buy-mephedrone-online.co.uk is a scam will take money and wont post out ignoring any emails sent after they recieve cash…

    1. OJ

      I’m thinking about ordering from this site. What was it you ordered. I have a number for them as they just called me due to my query.

      What site would you recommend?

  6. ty

    Any dealers in worksop lol 07507 668454

  7. zabba

    where is a good source to get it????

  8. lea2016

    Where is a good source?

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